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Trailergram Helps You Discover and Retain New Audiences

Drive podcast listens at an affordable cost. Advertise your trailer next to relevant content on our premium publisher network to help build audience and engagement.

How it Works


Discover New Audiences

We advertise your podcast trailer next to relevant content on our reputable publisher ad network consisting of over 10,000 trusted publishers such as Yahoo, CNN, ESPN, People, WebMD, Comedy Central, HGTV and more.


Trailer Plays and Optin for Push Notifications

Audiences listen to your podcast trailer and are prompted to opt in on their phones to receive push notifications from you about future episodes creating a push notification subscriber base.


Episode Listens Take Place after Trailer

After listening to your podcast trailer and opting in to hear from you, the audience is driven to our built-in podcast player so they can listen to multiple episodes of your podcast.


Push Notifications Sent, More Episode Listens Happen

Now that your podcast has a thriving subscriber base, our automated system using AI sends out push notifications numerous times a month, effectively marketing your upcoming episodes and amplifying the number of episode listens.


All Listening Reflects in Your Hosting Site

As listeners engage with your episodes, your hosting provider (e.g., Megaphone, OMNY, Libsyn, Podbean, and others) will register the listens as mobile downloads coming from Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, so you will know they originate from Trailergram.


Monitor Your Monthly Campaign

Use the custom analytics dashboard we provide to track ROI, progress, and effectiveness of Trailergram to develop your audience and community. You will be able to see trailer plays, ad impressions, and how many people opted in for push notifications after 3 weeks from the start of campaign.

The Trailergram platform provides Valid Listening Protection by CloudFlare

CloudFlare ensures that 100% of your episode listens on our platform are protected from bots and invalid listeners.

Case Studies

Trailergram Case Studies

Incredible results from various Trailergram programs across different genres and investment levels for one month to give you benchmarks on potential outcomes that your campaign may deliver.

Trailergram programs are comprised of two core components: The first component is the Trailer Advertising Campaign Component that allows Podcasters to showcase their trailers.  The duration of your Podcast Trailer "Plays" varies based on the optimization, conversion rates and number of trailer plays included in your campaign and typically varies from 1 to 14 days.  The second component is Push Notifications, which remain active for a continuous 30-day period

*Keep in mind that the above case study results are not guaranteed and your campaign outcomes and performance will vary. Performance of your series will be dependent on a variety of factors including the caliber of your trailer, podcast genre, investment level and overall quality of your podcast.


Trailergram Pricing

Each package is set up as a monthly subscription and pricing/fees are based on delivering a guaranteed monthly number of podcast trailer listens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions:

Trailergram promotes your trailer to millions of potential listeners while giving listeners an option to subscribe to push notifications of new or subsequent episodes.

We partner with thousands of top-tier publications to place your trailer inside relevant content that your listeners read every day, so they can listen to your trailer without leaving their content.

Typically your monthly subscription allows you to achieve the number of trailer plays you were guaranteed within the first 2 weeks of the month and then notifications are sent to those that opt in to subscribe throughout the month.
The trailer is geo targeted to primarily play in US & Canada however we often find approximately 2 – 5% of the trailer plays are from outside North America which results in a limited number of potential subscribers and episode listens from outside the US & Canada.

We use our custom player by utilizing an MP3 file you upload into the Trailergram platform. Since this is a custom MP3, trailer plays do not display in your podcast hosting platform. The listens of your episodes resulting from the trailer plays however, do show in your podcast hosting platform. 

The average listen through rate of trailers is 50% and higher across all of our podcasts.
We do not collect and are not able to share the specific names, contact details of your subscribers but you will have the ability to engage with them through push notifications about your show for as long as you continue to be on our platform.

Our platform optimizes subscriber notifications based on what episodes they’ve already listened to and the rate of new episodes you release. You do not have to manually re-engage your subscribers.

Our platform tracks what episodes subscribers listen to and optimizes future notifications to subscribers based on their individual listening habits.
Trailergram episode listens happen in the mobile phone’s native browsing environment, those listens will typically appear across many different user agents with the most likely being Chrome, Safari, Apple User agent, Firefox and other browsers.
Not currently – we’ve included the ability to send custom messages to subscribers in our future roadmap.
Once you are no longer subscribing to the platform, you will not have the ability to continue to send push notifications to your subscribers.

Process & Payment Questions:

You are responsible for uploading and inputting your creative for the trailer promotion. Our platform makes it an easy four-step process to create your Trailergram creative.
You supply us an MP3 file of your podcast’s trailer inside of the Trailergram platform.
We recommend podcast trailers be no more than two minutes long with the ideal length around one minute. We require MP3 audio files for your trailer.
You don’t have the ability to select the specific websites or publishing partners where your ads will run as the digital trailer campaigns are programmatic.
We have blocklists in place that prevent our trailers from displaying on offensive or illegal content, publications, or sites.
Our advertisements are fully programmatic and display to individual users as they browse publications, since these are not flat-rate sponsorships we are unable to see them live in realtime on a specific page.
Once you submit your campaign into our approval process, our team will review your campaign within 48 hours.
We recommend refreshing your trailer or other creative when your podcast changes enough to warrant an updated trailer.

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